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    For the past 383 years the Cogswell family has been contributing its sons and daughters to the cultural, religious, and political "experiments" in North America.  For a time, the world wondered whether or not the displaced sons of England could survive and prosper in the new world, especially after the nurture and protection of the English Monarch was rejected by the disgruntled Americans.  Now, from our modern perspective, we can only try and understand and appreciate the sacrifices made, the hardships endured, and the personal pride and satisfaction resulting from a job well-done by our Cogswell ancestors.  Members of the Cogswell family have been especially well represented by honorable military service, and in the fields of medicine and teaching.  But, these "highlights" are not meant to ignore the contributions of the Cogswell farmers, mechanics, teamsters, public servants, and craftsmen (and women) who built the edifice we inherited - North America.   Periodically, this page will introduce you to one of those Cogswell sons or daughters who made a distinguished contribution to our lives in the U.S. and Canada.

   The Association would very much appreciate receiving any additional information (preferably documented) concerning any Cogswell - anywhere.  Now, may we introduce: 

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 William Hickling [2282] PRESCOTT


 Son of William [1076] PRESCOTT & Catherine GREEN HICKLING.

Born 4 May 1796 in Salem, Mass. Died 28 Jan 1859 in Boston, Mass. Education: Harvard, 1814.  Though nearly blind in one eye, he was the author of: "Ferdinand and Isabella," 3 vols., 1837; "History of Mexico" 3 vols. 1847; "History of Philip II" 3 vols.  He was a member of nearly all the principal learned bodies in Europe.

He married Susan AMORY, daughter of Thomas C. AMORY & Harriet LINZEE, 4 May 1820.  Her mother, Harriet, was the daughter of Capt. Linzee of the British Navy, who, at the battle of Bunker Hill and burning of Charlestown, commanded the British Sloop of War "Falcon," which lay in Charles River and bombarded the troops under Col. Prescott on Bunker Hill.  The sword which Capt. Linzee wore on that occasion descended to his granddaughter, and, upon her marriage, to William H. Prescott.  The sword that Col. Prescott wore at Bunker Hill also descended to his grandson, and thus the two swords met in peace.  They were transferred by his will to the Mass. Historical Society.

Justus Sanford [2253] SOPER

 Son of Samuel [1036] SOPER III & Katherine RUGGLES. Born 10 Mar 1760 in Milton, Mass. Baptism 3 Aug 1760. Died 30 Mar 1851 in Orland, Maine. Buried in Oak Knoll, Orland, Maine.  Justus Soper served in the Revolution, entering service as a private in Capt. Ebenezer Buck's Company of volunteers, Col. Josiah Brewer's Regiment, Gen. Lovell's Brigade, 30 July 1779.  He served during the Penobscot Expedition, and was discharged 14 Aug 1779.  He then took up a settler's lot in Orland.  Most of the information on this entire branch was researched and compiled by Lila M. Weir, and supplied by her daughter, Edwina E. Weir.

Justus married Elizabeth VILES, daughter of Joseph VILES & Hannah HORTON, 4 Sep 1785 in Orland, Maine. Born 4 Sep 1765 in Milton, Mass. Died 7 Feb 1850 in Orland, Maine.  She may have had a previous (brief) marriage. Orland Town Records:   "Joseph, natural son of Elizabeth Viles, called Joseph Soper, born 18 Feb 1783."

Justus & Elizabeth (Viles) Soper had the following children:

       4165                i.              Esther [4165] SOPER
      4166               ii.              Justus [4166] SOPER

4167              iii.              Elizabeth [4167] SOPER  b. 12 May 1789 in Orland, Maine.
      4168              iv.              Hannah [4168] SOPER
      4169               v.              Elisha [4169] SOPER
      4170              vi.              Catherine [4170] SOPER
      4171             vii.              Mary S. [4171] SOPER
      4172            viii.              John Ruggles [4172] SOPER
      4173              ix.              Eleanor [4173] SOPER
      4174               x.              Elvira [4174] SOPER  b. 19 Apr 1803 in Orland, Maine.

      4175              xi.              Nancy [4175] SOPER  b. 30 Jun 1808 in Orland, Maine






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