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    For the past 383 years the Cogswell family has been contributing its sons and daughters to the cultural, religious, and political "experiments" in North America.  For a time, the world wondered whether or not the displaced sons of England could survive and prosper in the new world, especially after the nurture and protection of the English Monarch was rejected by the disgruntled Americans.  Now, from our modern perspective, we can only try and understand and appreciate the sacrifices made, the hardships endured, and the personal pride and satisfaction resulting from a job well-done by our Cogswell ancestors.  Members of the Cogswell family have been especially well represented by honorable military service, and in the fields of medicine and teaching.  But, these "highlights" are not meant to ignore the contributions of the Cogswell farmers, mechanics, teamsters, public servants, and craftsmen (and women) who built the edifice we inherited - North America.   Periodically, this page will introduce you to one of those Cogswell sons or daughters who made a distinguished contribution to our lives in the U.S. and Canada.

   The Association would very much appreciate receiving any additional information (preferably documented) concerning any Cogswell - anywhere.  Now, may we introduce: 

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 Ralph Waldo [2281] EMERSON

 Son of William [1075] EMERSON, Rev. & Ruth HASKINS.

Born 25 May 1803 in Boston, Mass. Died 27 Apr 1882 in Concord, Mass.  The "Yankee Philosopher."  He attended Harvard College, 1817-1821 and Harvard Divinity School 1825.  Suffering from tuberculosis, he removed to Charleston, S.C., and then to St. Augustine, Fla., in 1826, and returned to Boston in 1829.

He first married Ellen Louisa Tucker, Sep 1829.  Died Feb 1831.

He second married Lydia Jackson, 1835.

Emerson’s neighbor was Henry David Thoreau, the American architect of Civil Disobedience.  In, perhaps, his most famous essay, “Self-Reliance,” Emerson prophetically warns every man to trust himself against a society that “everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members.”  Emerson was the most important figure of the American Romantic period.  He inspired optimistic transcendentalists, such as Thoreau, and provided a challenge to such authors as Nathaniel Hawthorne and Herman Melville, who believed in the “power of blackness.”

 Diana Frances [10314] SPENCER, H.R.H.

Daughter of Edward John SPENCER & Frances Ruth Burke [8773] ROCHE, Hon.  Princess of Wales. Born 1 Jul 1961 in Norfolk, England.  Died 31 Aug 1997 in Paris, France.  She married Charles Phillip Arthur George WINDSOR, H.R.H., son of Prince Philip & Queen Elizabeth II, 29 Jul 1981 in St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England. Born 14 Nov 1948 in Buckingham Palace, London, England.  They were divorced in 1996.

They had the following children:

    12081a           i.              William Arthur Philip Louis [12081a] Windsor, Prince  b. 21 June 1982 in London, England
    12081b          ii.              Henry Charles Albert David [12081b] Windsor, Prince  b. 15 Sep 1984 in London, England.


 Elisha [2312] COGSWELL

Son of Edward [1109] COGSWELL & Bethia BEEMAN. Born 4 Apr 1792 in Washington, Conn. Died 4 Jun 1873 in Silvara, Pa. Buried in West Auburn, Susquehanna Co., Pa.  He was a Soldier in the War of 1812.  On 24 Jun 1822 he raised the first framed barn in Tuscarora, Pa.  He once bought a yoke of oxen and agreed to pay for them the following winter with a ton of venison, and, true to his word, he filled the contract, using his old flintlock.

He married Hannah FORD, daughter of Bela FORD, 7 Jan 1816. Born Jun 1795. Died 13 May 1873 in Silvara, Pa. Buried in West Auburn, Susquehanna Co., Pa.  They resided in Tuscarora, Pa., and had the following children:

       4265                i.              Bela [4265] COGSWELL, Rev.
       4266               ii.              Niram Jackson [4266] COGSWELL, M.D.
       4267              iii.              Jarvis Battles [4267] COGSWELL
       4268              iv.              Caroline Marinda [4268] COGSWELL
       4269               v.              Emeline F. [4269] COGSWELL









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