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    For the past 389 years the Cogswell family has been contributing its sons and daughters to the cultural, religious, and political "experiments" in North America.  For a time, the world wondered whether or not the displaced sons of England could survive and prosper in the new world, especially after the nurture and protection of the English Monarch was rejected by the disgruntled Americans.  Now, from our modern perspective, we can only try and understand and appreciate the sacrifices made, the hardships endured, and the personal pride and satisfaction resulting from a job well-done by our Cogswell ancestors.  Members of the Cogswell family have been especially well represented by honorable military service, and in the fields of medicine and teaching.  But, these "highlights" are not meant to ignore the contributions of the Cogswell farmers, mechanics, teamsters, public servants, and craftsmen (and women) who built the edifice we inherited - North America.   Periodically, this page will introduce you to one of those Cogswell sons or daughters who made a distinguished contribution to our lives in the U.S. and Canada.

   The Association would very much appreciate receiving any additional information (preferably documented) concerning any Cogswell - anywhere.  Now, may we introduce (from the 1996 edition of "The Descendants of John Cogswell"):

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Emerson [221] COGSWELL


 Son of Edward [81] COGSWELL & Hannah BROWNE. Born 19 Jul 1732 in Ipswich, Mass. Died in England.  He was an expert and ingenious goldsmith.  Prior to the Revolution, King George III made a proclamation offering a very large reward to any person who would discover or invent "a perpetual motion."  Mr. Cogswell became interested, and went to England on this business.  Whether he thought he had actually made the discovery, or was expecting to make it, we are not told.  Alas, his bright dreams of great wealth from the King came to a speedy end.  He died soon after his arrival in England.

He married Mary MILES, daughter of Joseph MILES & Deborah (Ferris) WELSH, Mrs., 29 Aug 1751. Born 14 Oct 1733 in New Milford, Conn. Died 5 Nov 1763 in New Milford, Conn. Buried in Upper Merryall Cem., New Milford, Conn.

Her father, Joseph Miles, purchased of Edward Cogswell ninety acres of land, with a house, saw and grist mill, parts of lots 33, 34, 35, lying on both sides of the East Aspetuck River, New Milford, Conn.  They had the following child:

         603                i.              Patience [603] COGSWELL

Jonathan [235] COGSWELL, Col.


 Son of Jonathan [88] COGSWELL & Elizabeth WADE. Born 11 Jul 1740 in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. Died 19 Apr 1819.  He was born on the "Cogswell Farm" in Chebacco Parish, where he settled down and became a thrifty farmer.

In 1791 he purchased and removed to the "Pickering Place."  He was Justice of the Peace, Feoffee of the grammar school, Judge of the Court of Sessions, a member of The Committee of Correspondence and Inspection, Captain of a military company raised in 1774, Major in 1775, and Colonel of the Second Regiment of Mass. Volunteers in the Army of the Revolution from 1776 to the close of the war.  He was a member of the State Constitutional Convention of 1780, and of the Mass. delegation to the United States Constitutional Convention of 1788.  He voted for the adoption of the Constitution of the U.S.  He was Representative to the General Court of Mass for seventeen years.

Col. Cogswell was greatly affected by the death of his only surviving son, Col. Jonathan Cogswell Jr.  Col. Cogswell died on the forty-fourth anniversary of the battle of Lexington, and the year in which the ancient parish of Chebacco became the new town of Essex, Mass.

He married Elizabeth WISE, daughter of John WISE & Mary DENISON, 4 Feb 1768. Born 19 Sep 1744. Died 31 Oct 1838.  They had the following children:

         667                i.              Elizabeth [667] COGSWELL
668               ii.              Mary [668] COGSWELL  b. 28 Feb 1778. d. 28 Jun 1860.  She married John CHOATE, Esq.
669              iii.              Abigail [669] COGSWELL
670              iv.              Jonathan [670] COGSWELL  b. 14 Jul 1783. d. 13 Oct 1813.
671               v.              Daniel [671] COGSWELL  b. 31 Mar 1789. d. 19 Feb 1790.











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