A non-profit corporation, organized in Mass., in 1989, dedicated to preserving the history of the Cogswell family
Cogswell Family Association



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President Emeritus Roger Bohn, Batavia, NY cfa-emeritus [at] cogswellfamily.org
President Howard Cogswell, St. Johns, FL cfa-president [at] cogswellfamily.org
1st Vice President Denis Cogswell, Cape Canaveral, FL cfa-1st-vp [at] cogswellfamily.org
2nd Vice President Prescott Cogswell, San Clemente, CA cfa-2nd-vp [at] cogswellfamily.org
Secretary Edward R. Cogswell, Tulalip, WA cfa-secretary [at] cogswellfamily.org
Treasurer Roger Bohn, Batavia, NY cfa-treasurer [at} cogswellfamily.org
Legal Counsel Connor M. Cogswell, Atty, Sewickley, PA cfa-legal [at] cogswellfamily.org
Chaplain Rev. Malcolm Cogswell, Sutton, Quebec cfa-chaplain [at] cogswellfamily.org
Historian Eloise Gassert, Lady Lake, FL cfa-historian [at] cogswellfamily.org
Newsletter Editor Denis Cogswell, Cape Canaveral, FL cfa-newsletter [at] cogswellfamily.org
WebMaster Pat Cogswell, Sebring, FL cfa-webmaster [at] cogswellfamily.org










Cogswell Family Association Reunions:
1990 - Salem, MA Host: John Heyland Cogswell, Tresurer
1991 - Pemaquid, ME Hostess: Claire Cogswell Daigle, Secretary
1993 - Colorado Springs, CO Hostess: Anne Cogswell Trostel, Director
1995 - Old Saybrook, CT Hostess: Bernice Lewis Sonna, President
1996 - Charleston, SC Hostess: Edna Cogswell Roberds, 1st Vice President
1997 - Sunnyvale, CA Host: Dr. Howard L. Cogswell - Director
1998 - Halifax, Nova Scotia Host: Rev. Malcolm T. Cogswell
1999 - Salem, MA Hosts: John Heyland Cogswell, Treasurer
           Edna Cogswell Roberds, President
2000 - Everett, WA Hosts: Edward & Deborah Cogswell
           Steve Aberle
2001 - Henniker, NH Hosts: Clarie Cogswell Daigle, Secretary
            Edward E. Cogswell
2002 - Marietta, OH Hostess: Caroline Cogswell Lutz, Director
2003 - Fredericton, NB, Canada Host: Rev. Malcolm T.Cogswell, Chaplain
2004 - Jacksonville, FL Hosts: Howard & Peg Cogswell
2006 - Buena Vista, CO Host: John Cogswell
2007 - Central Falls, RI Hosts: Edward Cogswell - 2nd Vice President
           Claire Cogswell-Daigle, Secretary
2013 - Cleveland, OH Host: Howard Cogswell
2015 - Peabody/Essex, MA Host: Denis Cogswell
2017 - Nashvillve, TN Hosts: Roger Bohn - President Emeritus
            Roby Cogswell



 Board of Directors

2016 - 2019 2017-2020 2018 - 2021
Prescott Cogswell  Brian Cogswell Virginia Bohn
Carolyn Cogswell Don Cogswell Brenda Cogswell
Eloise Gassert Brenden Martin Richard Ziegler
Tammy Walker Bruce O'Connor (Vacant)
For membership information please visit the Membership Form page.
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