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Alice Cogswell, 1805-1830
2OOth anniversary of her birth
175th anniversary of her death

Alice Cogswell

Alice Cogswell was the daughter of Dr. Mason Fitch Cogswell and his wife, Mary Austin Ledyard. A normal child, at the age of two years she contracted spotted fever (cerebra-spinal meningitis), which robbed her of her hearing. She subsequently lost her ability to speak as well. From the age of eight years to twelve years, Alice attended an ordinary school with her sisters; the school was run by Lydia Huntley (Sigourney), who taught herself the two-handed manual alphabet and, with that and an evolving vocabulary of home-made signs, began teaching Alice, evidently with a great deal of success. Mrs. Sigourney is better known as a poet but she did operate a school in Hartford during that period. Mrs. Sigourney is also noted for her interest in the cause of various people with special needs, including deaf-mutes.

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