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The Cogswell Family Association, Inc.
603 Adams Street
Quincy, Massachusetts  01269


President Emeritus
Roger Bohn
Batavia, NY

Howard Cogswell
Jacksonville, FL

1st Vice President
Denis Cogswell
Cape Canaveral, FL

2nd Vice President
Prescott Cogswell
San Clemente, GA

Edward R. Cogswell
Tulalip, WA

Roger Bohn
Batavia, NY

Legal Counsel
Connor M. Cogswell
Sewickley, PA

Malcolm Cogswell
Sutton, Canada

Eloise Gassert
Lady Lake, FL

Newsletter Editor
Denis Cogswell
Cape Canaveral, FL

Pat Cogswell
Sebring, FL

     It was E.O. Jameson, in the 1880’s who traveled by horse and train to interview and record information, interview and photograph many Cogswells as an act of love for his Cogswell wife.  This became “The Cogswells in America” book. It is estimated that fewer than 500 copies were printed.

   The Cogswell Family Association became a reality in 1989 and it was decided that Jameson’s work should be continued. Donald J. Cogswell decided to take on this huge task. Although he didn’t need to takes trains and horses, there was much snail mail involved and research was limited because it was prior to the computer information age. He ended up with a bit over 30,000 entries and when the CFA sold out all of their original 1996 printing this sought after book became a collector’s item.

   One of the original CFA founders, the late John H. “Jack” Cogswell dropped hints to Don about updating this project over the years, but it didn’t seem likely this would happen. Years passed and I posed the question to Don if this would be possible. Fortunately, he didn’t come right out and say no. I got a maybe. And I pushed, and I brought it up at CFA meetings. And there was discussion. And naysayers. And supporters.

   Many people don’t know that Don was unable to connect his roots to John Cogswell when the book came out in 1996. It wasn’t until CFA Historian Eloise “Ellie” Gassert used her God-given skills and resources that the connection was finally made. I continued to prod Don, knowing that he could make many things right. The first two books had errors. With today’s technologies we have corrections. It was a surprise to many that Don actually agreed to take on this task if the CFA wanted him to. Even his wife, past CFA President Pat Cogswell, seemed stunned that he would take on such an enormous and time-consuming project, knowing how many hours were spent on his original work.

   We made the announcement! The book was on and we started to collect data. Ellie would proof read, research and double check, as the information rolled in. She would end up spending thousands of hours researching, downloading, and verifying the data base that Don has spent over 23 years updating and being the caretaker of this valuable family information. We even upgraded and repaired old photos when possible to achieve the best possible images for this new project.

   Finally, after all this time, I am pleased to announce that the book has been sent to the publisher for the first initial printing of only 100 copies. You see, this time the information has swelled to a four-volume set with over 60,000 entries!  It incorporates past editions and makes corrections, enhances photos, and has added many other names that connect us to John Cogswell when he came to America on August 14, 1635. This joint effort by Donald J Cogswell and Eloise Gassert is ready to be ordered./

   The mission of the Cogswell Family Association is to perpetuate and preserve the memory, history and genealogy of the Cogswell family, with particular emphasis on the descendants of John and Elizabeth Cogswell, by collecting, preserving, and recording Cogswell family documentation, including memorabilia and memorials, while promoting friendship, understanding, mutual assistance and collaborative research across the membership.

   I can think of no better way to follow our mission than what Don and Ellie have accomplished. Remember: Today is tomorrow’s history!

   Don states that “producing this book has been a privilege and, by far, the most important achievement of my life.”

   If you order now, you will be first in line to experience this historical work that is sure to be a collector’s item! We may or may not do a second printing, so this is an extremely limited edition. I know I can’t wait to get mine!

 Howard Cogswell
CFA President

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Angel Gabriel
Cogswell Coat of Arms





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