A non-profit corporation, organized in Mass., in 1989, dedicated to preserving the history of the Cogswell family
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1990 - Salem, MA Host: John Heyland Cogswell, Treasurer (Click for picture)
1991 - Pemaquid, ME Hostess: Claire Cogswell Daigle, Secretary (Click for picture)
1993 - Colorado Springs, CO Hostess: Anne Cogswell Trostel, Director
1995 - Old Saybrook, CT Hostess: Bernice Lewis Sonna, President
1996 - Charleston, SC Hostess: Edna Cogswell Roberds, 1st Vice President (Click for picture)
1997 - Sunnyvale, CA Host: Dr. Howard L. Cogswell - Director (Click for picture)
1998 - Halifax, Nova Scotia Host: Rev. Malcolm T. Cogswell
1999 - Salem, MA Hosts: John Heyland Cogswell, Treasurer   (Click for picture)
           Edna Cogswell Roberds, President
2000 - Everett, WA Hosts: Edward & Deborah Cogswell (Click for picture)
           Steve Aberle
2001 - Henniker, NH Hosts: Clarie Cogswell Daigle, Secretary    
            Edward E. Cogswell
2002 - Marietta, OH Hostess: Caroline Cogswell Lutz, Director (Click for picture)
2003 - Fredericton, NB, 
Host: Rev. Malcolm T.Cogswell, Chaplain
2004 - Jacksonville, FL Hosts: Howard & Peg Cogswell  (Click for picture)
2006 - Buena Vista, CO Host: John Cogswell
2007 - Central Falls, RI Hosts: Edward Cogswell - 2nd Vice President  (Click for picture)
           Claire Cogswell-Daigle, Secretary
2013 - Cleveland, OH Host: Howard Cogswell
2015 - Peabody/Essex, MA Host: Denis Cogswell (Click for picture)
2017 - Nashvillve, TN Hosts: Roger Bohn - President Emeritus  (Click for picture)
            Roby Cogswell
2019 - Nova Scotia Hosts: Roger Bohn - Treasurer   (Click for picture)
             Ed Cogswell - Secretary
2022 - Southgate, MI Hostesses: Carolyn and Brenda Cogswell - Board of Directors
(Click for picture)
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