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Dear CFA Members and Friends,


Help needed for the new Descendants of John Cogswell” book

 Most of you are aware that Don Cogswell is working on an update of his initial book entitled Descendants of John Cogswell (Donald James Cogswell, 1998, published by Family Line Publications, 65 E. Main St., Westminster, MD), and you still may be able to find a copy out there. Many of us have a copy of this book. Don Cogswell is now working hard to update this second book, as a lot has happened in our family since 1998.   

 As this effort wraps up, we now need to decide how to distribute this book, which has now grown to approximately 4700 pages! How is be best way to distribute this book? A DVD is kind of impersonal, but a three volume book will be very expensive! It’ll take us a while to determine the best distribution option.

 We were talking about this the other day at our Quarterly CFA BOD Meeting, and we thought that perhaps there is someone in our Association that has experience in publishing and printing. So I told the Board that I would send an email out to the members and ask.

This request does not require a huge commitment, on your behalf, if you have this experience. We are looking for someone that knows the industry, and can advise us on the best approach. So, in a way, we are looking for a SME (Subject Matter Expert). If you have this experience, please contact me. We can talk about this, and I’ll get you in touch with Pat Cogswell, who is leading the Committee for this project.

Thanks for your time.

Ed Cogswell
CFA Secretary

We sincerly hope that you enjoy your visit to our Cogswell Family website.  Come visit us often as we update information on a quarterly basis.






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